Initial Company Branding & Logo Design

Design initial logo concepts, product mockups, and brand standards for a brand new beer company for veterans, by veterans.

Veteran Beer Co. (recently updated branding to our original deliverables)

We were approached by Paul Jenkins, the former CEO of the startup beer company, to design original concepts for logos, branding, and initial product offerings. This new company was to evoke vintage feelings of military veterans while still being relevant and eye-catching on the shelf. After a few creative briefs, the team was set to move into production with final consultation at a packaging company.


  • Create and implement a visual style for all branded content including typography, color palette, and imagery.
  • Ensure all typography, color palette, and photography adhere to new brand standards.
  • Design mockups of products utilizing newly created logo and design schemes.


  • Photoshop – image manipulation & multi-purpose design
  • Illustrator – logo & vector element manipulation
  • Thumbnailing – multiple mockups and sketches presented
  • Photography
  • InDesign – multi-page layout detailing brand guidelines