Designer & Photographer for Frisch’s Social and Digital Campaigns

Design new content that aligned with the ongoing re-branding campaign. The new CEO (freshly transitioned from the Wendy’s re-branding movement) had his sights set on making Frisch’s more modern and fun. All design, photo, and video evoked the 3-F’s explained in their tagline: Fresh. Family. Fun.

Frisch’s Big Boy

We were approached by Frisch’s to design original concepts for social media content including video, gifs, and contests/promotions. They wanted to evoke feelings of ‘Fresh, Family, & Fun’. Our visuals were successfully drawing the attention of their new younger target audience shortly after incorporating them into the digital strategy. Multiple Snapchat filters were designed for events occurring at multiple locations for the chain restaurant, accompanied by our printed pieces to work in tandem.

Ongoing Tasks

  • Establish modern design style for junior designers while adhering to client rebrand guidelines for all deliverables.
  • Coordinate with Frisch’s marketing team to design all content for digital and print campaigns on schedule.
  • Advise brand managers on visual direction of social content and digital campaigns (Snapchat event filters, gift cards, coupon books, etc.)


  • Photoshop – image manipulation & multi-purpose design
  • Illustrator – illustration & logo augmentation
  • After Effects – video, motion graphics & gifs/cinemagraphs
  • Lightroom – exposure & lighting retouches on photos
  • Storyboarding
  • Photography
  • Videography & Editing
  • Thumbnailing – traditional sketching & brainstorming

Video Work